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In order to keep at the forefront of the payments industry, Worldnet offer a number of innovative products and solutions to our customers. One such product is SecureCard.

SecureCard is a card storage facility offered by Worldnet to our customers. This facility allows our customers to store their clients credit and debit card details for use at a later date. It is necessary for merchants who wish to process subscription payments. Worldnet will keep the customers card details on our secure, PCI compliant server so that the merchant will have no responsibility for data security. It is useful for merchants that are required to perform regular recurring payments such as membership payments and subscription payments without the cardholder entering their information.

Once the customers card details are stored the merchant will then be able to create a tokenised version of their customer’s credit or debit card. This is done by creating a reference number for each card. Once this is completed all the merchant will need is the reference number to complete the transaction. SecureCard also enables our customers to set-up a stored subscription template for daily, weekly, monthly or annual recurring payments so that you will never miss a payment. The user will only be charged when a SecureCard transaction is processed, therefore the merchant can add and update as many SecureCard details as they wish, free of charge.

There are a number of SecureCard options available to Worldnet customers. The first of these is open to those using our Virtual Terminal. Once the SecureCard is registered the merchant will then be able to bill their customer simply by going into their Worldnet Selfcare system, accessing the SecureCard tab and clicking “use” SecureCard. This is especially useful and time efficient when dealing with repeat customers. On this page there are also options to register a new SecureCard and also to update existing SecureCards credit and debit card details.

SecureCard can also be added to eCommerce integrations and used in much the same way as the Virtual Terminal option, again this is ideal for merchants who take subscription payments, membership payments and other recurring payments from their customers. With these two options only the merchant can update the customers SecureCard details.

With our Amazon style eCommerce SecureCard solution both the customer and the merchant can update SecureCard details. This is quite beneficial as it will save the merchant time updating customer card details while allowing their customers to update their SecureCards straight away.

One of our latest SecureCard innovations has been to introduce the Worldnet Account Updater for our merchants. This will allow our customers to manage recurring payments and keep their customers card details in a more efficient manner and will reduce authorization declines. Account Updater will consult with the cardholders bank and update cardholder information in a timely, efficient manner which will bring added convenience to both the merchant and the cardholder, thus ensuring that payment remains uninterrupted for the merchant and service remains uninterrupted for the customer. Worldnet recognise the importance of ensuring that your customers card details are up to date by staying on top of account changes caused by lost or stolen cards which have not been communicated to the merchant. Such accounts changes can result in lost revenue for the merchant as well as lost time caused by having to contact the customer in relation to a declined transaction.


There are two main types of account updater for both major card types. These are the Visa Account Updater (VAU) and MasterCards Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) both of these services operate in much the same way, ensuring continued, uninterrupted subscription and recurring payments for merchants thus decreasing operating and card processing costs, improving funds collection while reducing customer turnover and increasing customer satisfaction.

For an example of how SecureCard could benefit your business please see this case study which illustrates the many benefits one of our customers has enjoyed by using this facility.

For more information on SecureCard and the benefits it can offer your business please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Worldnet team using the contact details below. Feel free to visit our blog page here for more information on our Worldnet products and services.

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