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Keeping up-to-date with consumers’ ever-increasing appetite for faster, easier ways to pay throws several challenges at businesses, not least those in the tourism sector. Merchant in the tourism sector must contend with the added dimension of servicing customers from all corners of the globe.

As one of the Europe’s largest card payment service providers and working with some of the top names in tourism like Guinness Storehouse, Ibiza Rocks and Moulin Rouge, experience has shown us that if you can provide your customers – whether local or international – with a smooth, seamless payment experience, you are more likely to see those customers come back. So, keeping up-to-date with the latest payment technologies is essential.

At Worldnet we help to ease the burden associated with integrating and maintaining a seamless customer payment experience. Our model enables you to outsource your entire payment function or to integrate specific processes into your existing systems while providing new revenue opportunities.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) provides you with the facility to allow your international customers to pay for their goods and services in their own domestic currency at the point of purchase.


As the merchant processing the DCC transaction, you will receive a percentage of the Foreign Exchange margin (typically between 0.75% and 1% of the value of the transaction) from the DCC Acquirer, in the form of a monthly rebate.

There are many reasons why DCC is a great feature for any business accepting international cards:

  • Provides clarity to the cardholder, they know how much they are paying in their own currency
  • Clarity increases the chances of transaction completion
  • DCC transaction funds are settled in your domestic currency
  • Conversion rates are updated daily


How can you use DCC?

Worldnet’s best in class eCommerce and Virtual Terminal solution enables you to accept secure DCC transactions via your website and over the phone, allowing customers from all over the world to purchase your products or services by credit or debit card. Customers can choose from once off or recurring payments solutions to suit their payment needs. Our fully customisable payment page provides customers with a seamless payment journey through your website.

We offer our payment plugins free of charge, while constantly doing research on our existing plugins and solutions as we recognise payments is an ever-changing environment and pride ourselves on always delivering the most up-to-date solutions.

Don’t hesitate to call our Sales Team today to discuss how you can make the most of selling your products and services to the global market place.

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