SelfCare System Reporting

The Worldnet Selfcare System enables you to manage and control your credit and debit card processing environment. In the Selfcare System, Worldnet merchants can process secure transactions, monitor payments and payment history, securely store customer card details, set-up recurring payments and establish graphical reports based on a wide-range of transaction data.

Account Management

The SelfCare System provides merchants with credit and debit card data management capabilities

Transaction Reporting

Establish graphical reports based on a wide-range of transaction data - ideal for end-of-month and end-of-year reporting

Financial Administration

Export data and upload to external accounting packages, monitor payments and securely store transaction details

  • Manage transaction reporting in one system
  • Complete history of every transaction processed
  • Detailed transaction search functionality
  • No installation or additional hardware required
  • Web-based, 24 hour access
  •  Customisable permissions for staff