The Currency of Choice

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) provides you with the ability to allow your international customers pay for your goods and services in their own domestic currency, at the point of purchase. The cardholder is automatically provided with the value of the transaction in your base currency and the converted currency.

DCC provides you with an extra revenue stream (typically 1% of the value of the transaction) as your merchant bank will share the currency conversion revenue.


Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) let customers pay in their own domestic currency at the point of purchase


With 64 international currencies available customers know what their total purchase price is in their home currency

Cost Effective

DCC costs only a few cent per transaction to implement, and exchange rates are updated automatically on a daily basis

  • New income stream for merchants
  • Funds settled in one currency
  • Increased choice for cardholder
  • Reduces cart abandonment
  • Exchange rates updated daily
  • Available via eCommerce and Virtual Terminal